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Train Tours in Yosemite

Experience Yosemite by Rail

There are no direct Yosemite train tours from San Francisco. Amtrak provides a Yosemite train tour which starts from the San Francisco ferry terminal on a bus. Yosemite train tours from San Francisco continue to a town in the East Bay called Emeryville were passengers transfer to the train part of the tour. The train tour part lasts approximately 3 hours and stops in Merced, California, an agricultural town located in the San Joaquin Valley. Afterwards, passengers on the Yosemite train tours from San Francisco transfer back on a Yosemite Bus. The Yosemite train tour turns into a Yosemite bus tour since there are no train tracks from Merced to Yosemite nor are there any train tracks in the Yosemite valley.

The train/bus tour spends a total of 3 hours in Yosemite Park. On the way back, Yosemite train tours from San Francisco reverse the process starting from Yosemite to Merced on a Yosemite Bus tour. The Yosemite train tour portion continues in Merced by transferring from the Yosemite bus tour to the train.

Arriving in Emeryville at around 10 p.m., passengers on the Yosemite train tour transfer to a bus which completes their tour in San Francisco.

Yosemite train tours from San Francisco cost approximately $140 for adults and children for $80. The main advantage of Yosemite train tours is that it is more comfortable since you can walk in the train, get something to eat and use the restrooms.

Note: Yosemite Tours do not take reservations for Yosemite Train Tours.

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