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Cycling in Yosemite

Cycling at Yosemite National Park

Although guided Hiking Tours in Yosemite National Park are not permitted in general and most companies do not offer guided hikes, there are some exceptions. We will drop you off near the trail head of some of the most popular hikes and you can begin your journey from there.

In particular, the hike to the Lower Yosemite Falls is very popular. Drop-off for the Yosemite hike takes place at the Yosemite Lodge. From there it is a five-minute walk to the start of the hike. This is a very easy hike since most, if not the entire trail is paved and flat.

If you are more adventurous, and have the time, another favorite is the hike to Vernal Fall. It is necessary to catch the free Yosemite shuttle to get to the trail head of this hike. The Yosemite shuttle stop is called Happy Isles.

This Yosemite hike has a moderate difficulty level to the bridge, where you can see Vernal Fall from afar. It is necessary to hike even steeper grades to get to the top of the fall and during the spring and early summer when Vernal Fall is full, hiking this Yosemite trail can be slippery and suitable only for those with hiking experience.

Yosemite hiking tours are a lot of fun but it is necessary to be well prepared with the proper equipment, maps, and water. Always check trail conditions with the Yosemite Visitor’s Center before going on a hike.

Several trails lead out of Yosemite Valley, including

  • The John Muir Trail – 212 miles (341 km) to Mount Whitney
  • The Mist Trail – with views of Vernal Falls and Nevada Fall
  • The Four-Mile Trail – leading to Glacier Point.
  • The Yosemite Falls Trail – to the top of Yosemite Falls

Note: Yosemite Tours do not take reservations for Cycling.

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