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River Swimming in Yosemite

Swimming in Yosemite National Park

Swimming at Yosemite is available at the Curry Village and Yosemite Lodge swimming pools. Other than all the outdoor pools available to the public during summer at Curry Village and Yosemite Lodge, swimming is permitted in all water areas in the park except Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and waterfalls. Use extreme caution when in the Merced River as water temperatures can be chilly and the current can be deceptively swift.

Swimming in the Merced River is a great way to cool down from the traitorous heat but safety has to be considered, and help protect the river by entering and exiting only on sandy beaches. Swimming at Yosemite National Park Rivers has to be taken seriously and foul play is not an option, watch out for swift under water currents, cold water, and hazards within Yosemite Rivers.

Tips & Safety Regulations:

  1. Swim at your own risk
  2. Do not swim above or near waterfalls or rapids
  3. Unfortunately, swimming in these areas has resulted in several deaths over the years
  4. Swimming when the water is not suitable could result in Hypothermia
  5. Never swim alone
  6. Stay clear of dangerous rocks
  7. Make sure the water is deep enough before entering into the water head first
  8. Always look before jumping off a dock or raft to be sure no one is in the way
  9. Never swim under a raft or dock
  10. Stay within the designated swimming area, ideally within the visibility of a lifeguard
  11. Don’t try to swim against a current if caught in one. Swim gradually out of the current, by swimming across it.
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